Milestones of Koch Media

1994 – Formation of Koch Media Germany and Austria, and of Koch Media Ltd. England by Franz Koch and Klemens Kundratitz.

  • Beginning of publishing activities.


1995 - Koch Media sells its first application software; more than 250,000 copies.


1996 - Entrance into the games market.


1998 - Formation of Koch Media AG in Switzerland.


2000 – Formation of Koch Media Holding, uniting all business areas.

  • Formation of Koch Media srl in Italy.
  • Koch Media launches the first game that sells more than 1 million units (UK).


2002 - Koch Media founds the games label Deep Silver.


2003 – Koch Media enters the new business field movies.


2004 – The Koch Media group's turnover surpasses 100 million Euros for the first time.


2005 - Acquisition of French company SG Diffusion and conversion into Koch Media SAS in Paris, France, as of 01/01/2006.


2006 – The Koch Media group's turnover surpasses 200 million Euros for the first time.

  • Formation of Koch Media Licensing GmbH. The subsidiary focuses on retail and marketing of movie licenses, as well as distribution in the TV market.
  • Koch Media appointed as Nintendo's preferred distribution partner in the UK.


2007 – Koch Media brings a movie to German cinemas for the first time.

  • To date, 1 million copies of the successful series "The King of Queens" have been sold on DVD and Blu-ray in the German-speaking territory.


2008 – In April, Koch Media opens the North American branch Deep Silver, Inc.


2008 – In July, Koch Media takes over the Spanish distribution company PROEIN S.L., which operates under the name of Koch Media S.L.U. as from 2009.


2009 - Formation of branches in Scandinavia and Benelux.

  • The Koch Media group's turnover surpasses 300 million Euros for the first time.
  • Koch Media launches movie activities in Italy.



2010 – Koch Media distributes F1 2010 and heads the weekly charts in France, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.


2011 – Koch Media launches movie activities in the UK.

  •  Deep Silver celebrates huge successes world-wide with its own game titles


2012 - In the course of a capital increase, Koch Media and publishing label Deep Silver jointly acquire a significant minority interest in Infernum Productions AG, the developer and publisher of online games from Berlin.


2013 - Koch Media acquires the trademark rights to Saints Row and Metro in a closed auction; the company also takes over the developers Volition, based in Illinois and Fishlabs, based in Hamburg.

  • Deep Silver announces its entrance to the mobile games market
  • Koch Media reaches a new milestone in sales: More than one million units of Saints Row IV sold through globally in the first week; number #1 chart positions in several territories

2014 - Koch Media acquires the Homefront® brand and founds Nottingham-based Deep Silver Dambuster Studios