Koch Media Poland visits Poznań Game Arena 2019 fair with its own booth

Warsaw, October 1st, 2019 – Koch Media is pleased to invite gamers, press and partners to the Koch Media Poland booth at Poznań Game Arena 2019 fair, between 18th and 20th of October, 2019.

After its debut in Poland on the 2nd of August 2019, Koch Media continues to deliver  the best video games to the local market. Following its strong presence at gamescom 2019, now it’s time to show the newest titles at PGA 2019 with a dedicated space in excess of 400 m2 that will include more than 30 gaming stations with the newest products.

Gamers visiting Poznań in this 3rd weekend of October will have a chance to try out four titles from the robust and varied Koch Media catalogue of 2019-2020 releases. First of all, the newest GRID and F1 2019 racing games developed by the iconic British studio Codemasters, of which Koch Media is the sole distributor. The game stations are going to be exceptionally comfortable, equipped with racing chairs and wheels, presented in 4K on PlayStation 4 Pro consoles and 47-inch screens from Sony.

In the PC area, in partnership with Razer, two titles planned for 2020 are going to be presented as playable demos. Iron Harvest is an RTS set in 1920+ within an alternative history inspired by Jakub Różalski’s artworks. Secondly there will be Wasteland 3; the postapocalyptic, high-budget cRPG from Brian Fargo and inXile Entertainment studio.

In addition to presenting the games, Koch Media Poland prepared a number of events at its booth and on the main stage, including meetings with creators and contests. Of course all stations are going to be labeled with the correct PEGI ratings, and the contents presented will be appropriate for the age of visitors.

Koch Media Poland area at Poznań Game Arena 2019 fair in a nutshell:

  • over 400 m2 booth
  • Over 30 gaming stations equipped with PlayStation 4 Pro and Razer Blade PCs
  • A chance to try out two upcoming hit games long before their release (Iron Harvest and Wasteland 3)
  • A chance to test the newest Codemasters’ racing games, GRID and Formula 1 2019, in the most comfortable way possible (racing wheels and chairs, PlayStation 4 Pro consoles and 4K Sony screens)
  • Meetings with creators, contests, and other activities for fans