Koch Media signs Wild Forest Studio’s “Night is Coming”

The upcoming society survival game Night is coming by Russian developer Wild Forest Studios, has found it’s publishing home at Ravenscourt.

The Koch Media Group, and the team at Wild Forest Studios signed an extensive, global publishing agreement covering the games digital release on PC in 2021. Koch Media will be fully responsible for publishing and marketing activities covering worldwide markets.

Night is Coming is a building, development and survival simulation set within a dark fantasy world inspired by Slavic mythology with roots deep in the mysterious tales of the Carpathian region.

Settle in the unforgiving cold of the Carpathian mountains, players must build and develop their settlement, gather and manage resources, nurture and protect their people – whilst all the time preparing for the impending darkness that is flooding the lands and the beastly monsters that lurk within.

I am very happy to team up with Koch Media for our upcoming release of Night is Coming.  Being part of an international family will not only increase our reach but will also give valuable new impulses”, says Sergey Kornilov, CEO of Wild Forest Studio.

We are delighted to team up with Wild Forest Studio for this upcoming release. Night is coming fits perfectly into our broad portfolio of quality games and will be a valuable addition to the Ravenscourt label. All our teams are looking forward to support Wild Forest Studio with our combined local networks and global publishing expertise,” states Mario Gerhold, Int. Marketing Director, Koch Media.

By introducing bloody combat, adaptive player AI that punishes players trepidation, and the setting in a dark fantasy universe, Night Is Coming adds an entirely new layer and a unique dark twist to society building genre.

About Night is Coming

Rooted deep in the mysterious tales from Slavic mythology, Night is Coming offers a dark twist to the popular survival genre; bloody combat and the setting in a dark fantasy universe adds an entirely new layer.

Under the constant threat which is set by nature itself, players will have to face mystical and deadly night creatures to ensure the survival of their people.

Managing all aspects of a growing settlement and society is one thing but facing the dangers of night adds even more thrill to it.

Players have to assign soldiers, build defensive structures, and use powerful magical spells all while trying to keep their villagers safe and sane.

An in-depth system has a huge impact on the settlers life an it’s elements offer different preferences and aversions for each of the players settlers.

Building, managing, improving and fighting are just elements of the highest goal: Survival!

The darkness feels your fear