Prime Matter: Koch Media’s New Premium Gaming Label

Koch Media is today unveiling its new premium gaming label Prime Matter dedicated to delivering brilliant immersive games from studios all across the world.

Due to continual growth of Koch Media as the go-to global publishing service provider for developers big and small, the company decided to expand its label portfolio to meet the ever growing demands and opportunities across an ever more diverse audience.

The new label will be publishing a rich portfolio of new titles, across a wide range of genres, as well as some established brands too from the likes of Warhorse Studios.

Operating out of Koch Media’s head quarter in Munich, Prime Matter is a dynamic mix of seasoned industry veterans and enthusiastic fresh faces creating an incredible team of diverse multi-cultured gaming experts.

Working in conjunction with Koch Media’s global publishing offices and development  partners – and headed by industry stalwart Mario Gerhold – Prime Matter will lead through creativity, expression and passion, with games that will grip and enchant with enthralling story-telling, winning an audience with its incredible moments and larger-than-life experiences.

Prime Matter is a new home for premium games, offering both current and future partners all the expertise of the Koch Media Group alongside a new and dynamic team dedicated to maximising their true potential,” said Koch Media’s CEO Klemens Kundratitz.

The core of the video games industry is, of course, entertainment. Prime Matter will constantly look to innovate and inspire gamers across all its activities while retaining the fundamental values of what makes our industry so special; it is intrinsically fun.” he added.

Today’s launch of  Prime Matter ties in with the announcement of a number of new IPs and titles on the new label from a diverse and global range of studios. These include:

  • Payday 3 – by Starbreeze Studios (Sweden) – the latest upcoming instalment in this high-octane first person co-op shooter game, set in a Hollywood like environment, that lets players live out the fantasy of being a world-class career criminal, who joins the legendary PAYDAY gang and master the art of heisting
  • Crossfire: Legion – Smilegate and Prime Matter are teaming to up to release Canadian developer Blackbird Interactive’s RTS game Crossfire: Legion. The world of Crossfire provides the perfect scenario and backdrop for an RTS thanks to its unique approach to futuristic global warfare and warring factions
  • The new Painkiller game – The legendary Painkiller is back! Keep your eyes open for more info coming soon!
  • Kings Bounty 2 – Developed by 1C Entertainment (Russia) King’s Bounty II will the RPG successor of the well-known franchise which defined the RPG strategy world back in the days
  • (New IP) Scars Above – by Mad Head Games (Serbia) is a dark sci-fi action adventure that sees a lone protagonist having to survive on a hostile nightmare world
  • (New IP) Codename Final Form (working title) from Polish developers Reikon Games is an adrenaline fuelled futuristic FPS with the player taking on the role of a cybernetic Valkyrie saving humanity from extinction
  • Gungrave G.O.R.E – is a stylish third-person action shooter by South-Korean Studio IGGYMOB, that has you take on the role of Grave, a gunslinger of resurrection and badass anti-hero of your dreams, mowing down tons of enemies in a gory ballet of bullets.
  • (New IP) Dolmen – Developed by Brazilian Massive Work Studio. DOLMEN is a terrifying new Action RPG that combines futuristic Sci-Fi and Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror
  • (New IP) The Last Oricru –From the minds of developers GoldKnights (Czech Republic), comes The Last Oricru a third-person action RPG taking place in a unique middle age setting, combined with sci-fi elements
  • (New IP) Echoes Of The End (working title) developed by Icelandic studio Myrkur Games – a story-driven singleplayer Action-Adventure in a unique fantasy world, following the story of Ryn who is in search of her real purpose
  • (New IP) The Chant (working title) Developed by Canadian Studio Brass Token their upcoming psychological thriller is an atmospheric 3rd person psychedelic horror adventure
  • (New IP) Encased – from Russian developer Dark Crystal Games, a classic RPG where the player is on a mission to discover the secrets of an alien civilisation
  • Officially coming to Nintendo Switch Kingdome Come Deliverance by Warhorse Studios (Czech Republic) in collaboration with Saber Interactive.

In addition, a number of legacy games from studios that already work with Koch Media will be published on the new label. These will include Warhorse Studios new game, Nine Dots Studio’s (Canada) Outward coming for Gen 9, as well as Taleworlds’ (Turkey) Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord also coming to consoles.

“Games originate from the minds and hearts of the developers. Prime Matter is focused on maximising this potential from the studios whilst empowering their dream or vision; one of our core values is to enable and support the studios, giving them the chance and freedom to express themselves within their game as they deserve.” said Mario Gerhold, Global Brand & Marketing Director (Games) Koch Media Group.

“Some of the most treasured I.Ps in our industry started out as crowdfunded, or projects outside the mainstream that the developers truly believe in… history has proved that inspiration and talent is not defined by stereotypes” he added.

The Koch Media Group is now running five publishing strands as follows: Prime Matter, HQ Munich (Germany), Deep Silver, HQ Reading (England), Milestone, HQ Milan (Italy), Vertigo, HQ Rotterdam, (Netherlands), and Ravenscourt, HQ Munich (Germany)

Over the past 25 years of success, we have seen Koch Media grow significantly,” said Mr Kundratitz

From ambitious indies taking their first step who need that full development and publishing support without compromising their dream, through to big studios that required our well established global distribution and publishing network; the more opportunities we created the more it made sense to add an additional string to our bow,” he added.