Home Entertainment

Diversified portfolio with more than 800 products

Since the formation of its film division in 2003, Koch Media has earned a reputation as an independent distribution company in the field of home entertainment in the German-speaking territories. The company’s diversified portfolio of more than 800 products includes high-quality national and international direct-to-video releases, TV movies and shows, classic movies, documentations, and special interest titles for a variety of target audiences.

With well over a million units sold to date, the smash comedy hit The King of Queens is one of the most successful TV shows in Germany. Powerful direct-to-video releases such as Outlander, JCVD and In the Electric Mist make for regular rental and sales chart successes. Numerous classics of cinema history and almost forgotten gems are also an inherent part of the program.

High standards for features, packaging and marketing

An excellently qualified and dedicated team ensures that high standards are maintained with regard to the features, packaging and marketing of products. Apart from physical rental and sales, digital distribution is also becoming increasingly significant.

Access to new markets

Besides the activities in the German-speaking home entertainment markets, Koch Media has been supplying own home entertainment releases and acting as a distribution partner for other labels in Italy since 2009.